Seri Bayu Resort is an apartment style accommodation situated in Sepang Gold Coast. We provide the perfect accommodation for visitors of Sepang Gold Coast who are on a look out for value and comfort. 

Guest could take a stroll on Pantai Bagan Lalang which is 200m from Seri Bayu Resort. During low tide, visitors could literally walk to the middle of the sea, as the shoreline retreats approximately 30 meters, extending the beach. From there visitors could catch the breathtaking and awe inspiring sunset in the middle of the sea.

Be sure to check out nearby establishments such as Jeti Sirip Biru, Senandung Malam Seafood & HM Sri Bagan Lalang. Jeti Sirip Biru offers boat ride along the Sepang river, where visitors could feed monkeys, spot rare birds and animals, and also plant mangroves as part of the mangrove conservation effort. 


Senandung Malam Seafood & HM Sri Bagan Lalang are local favorites both offering the local specialty which is the famous "Ikan Bakar". Freshly caught fish grilled with local special recipes, accompanied by special made chili sauces, will sure to whet your appetite. Both opens only in the evening, so be sure to time your travel accordingly.